Frank Salinas recently launched his newest creation, My Traffic Multiplied. It’s a pretty cool concept for accelerating your list building efforts. When you join the siteĀ  you join your sponsor’s list. Your first 4 referrals are “passed up” and join your sponsor’s list. (Commissions do not get passed up don’t worry).

My Traffic Multiplied

Once you have referred 4 members everyone you refer after that joins your list. So for every person you refer you can receive up to 4 new members joining your list. Imagine if you referred 100 new members that’s 100 new members joining your list directly and then those 100 could add another 400 to your list via their pass ups!

How it works is after you join you add your auto responder code under Edit My Details then when you advertise your referral link it is your autoresponder signup form that is displayed on the signup page. In order to create their account new users must first enter their name and email address to your autoresponder. You can use any auto responder you want as long as you can redirect users to the account creation page after they fill out your signup form. I use Get Response with My Traffic Multiplied and it works great.

My Traffic Multiplied is not just for list building it also offers banner advertising, text advertising and login ads. What’s great is you do not receive buckets of member emails. In fact the only emails you receive from the site is admin emails.

When you signup you get $200 worth of free ads by redeeming the promo code welcome in the members area under “Setup Ads”. The site is growing fast so the time to join is now.

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